L I M I T L E S S   P O T E N T I A L

Story, atmosphere and immersion are all central to delivering authentic music. We are committed to creating music and scores which are as true to your vision as possible and the highest standard of creative ingenuity.  When it comes to foley and sound design, Datafire Audio delivers authentic audio counterparts and representations of visual content by using high quality tools, carefully selected recording environments and unique approaches to sound design.  We use a combination of recorded and synthesized sounds in order to provide a precise and pure finished product.

In addition to working with film makers and game developers, we also offer full production services for artists which include songwriting, composing, producing and distributing.

Check out some of our work in film below!



ADR - Composition - Music Production - Sound design - Foley - Mixing - Mastering



Winner 2018

South Australian Screen Awards

Best Music Composition


Composition (1:20 onward) - Music Production (1:20 onward)


Composition (3:20 onward) - Music Production (3:20 onward)